• cars2europe.еu был основан с одной ясной целью, обеспечить энтузиастов лучшими по качеству автомобилями, которые только может предложить рынок Японии


  • Т.к мы сами являемся энтузиастами, нам хорошо известны требования наших клиентов. Качество это наш основной приоритет, который позволяет нам развиваться и двигаться вперёд.







Importing a car with cars2europe.eu is a simple 5 step process 




  • Hand Picked 

Even if you’re searching for an especially rare limited edition we have the experience and contacts to locate otherwise difficult to source vehicles.


  •  Inspection

Once we’ve located a desirable vehicle we arrange for our Japanese team to inspect the vehicle in the flesh. If our engineer’s report meets both yours and our standards only then will we bid up to a pre-agreed budget.


  • Purchase

Once successful Japanese FOB (freight on board) costs are due and your vehicle is de-registered. It’s then transported to our secure compound and booked on the next available shipping vessel in preparation for export. At this point you’ll be emailed a detailed photo album.


  • ​Import

Soon after leaving Japan we’ll give you an accurate ETA of when your car will land on UK/EU soil. Upon arrival all taxes are due to the shipping agent before transportation to cars2europe.eu 


  • Drive away

Before your new vehicle is ready to drive away we will undergo all necessary UK/EU conversions and compliance testing before being eligible for full UK/EU registration.







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