• Cars2europe.eu offer a full service solution for EU based car dealers and savvy car investors. We are active across Europe with partners dotted all over the continent. Our team has extensive experience of vehicle imports and exports and can help you source your next car purchase(s) to maximize your return on investment.


  • We display full auction listings on our proprietary web based platform, advising our clients on opportunities and likely profitable car purchases, handling the bidding process including report translations, vehicle inspections leading to purchase. We can arrange all paperwork and logistics to customs clearance and vehicle registration and/or onward transport and delivery as required - Europe wide. Our extensive established partner network includes shipping and logistics companies, inspection, certification and mechanical (MOT) expertise.


  • Our auction platform reliably organises the timely display of over 100,000 cars per week from auctions in Japan, stripping away the incomprehensible Japanese parts all the while maintaining access to the all pertinent information - especially as regards vehicle condition and history.


  • Registered users may view the auction inspection sheet for any car, but it is our job to advise on these cars, the information provided on auction sheet may simply assist you while browsing. 


  • Buy direct rather than via a middleman who may add a generous mark up and potentially obscure key facts. We offer the very best prices, and our service is clearly broken down. We offer full transparency, hiding nothing from potential buyers, while being on hand to answer any and all queries.





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